Carless in Seattle

I’ve got relatives coming to Seattle from Minnesota in June. They mentioned to me that they were going to RENT A CAR. I screamed “NO”. A car is the one thing you do not want or need to easily and cheaply get around.  We have some of the best public transportation in the country and…

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Their literature says that it was “the call of the siren” that asked them to build it. I’m certain that is true and of course their absolute passion for coffee. I’m talking about the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery at the corner of Pike St. and Melrose Ave. very near the Seattle downtown retail core. The…

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Cherry Blossoms April 2017

  Wherever you travel in Seattle in late March and early April you’re going to be see an abundance of cherry trees in blossom. They can’t help but lighten your mood and make you smile. Why do they do so well here?  Is it the soil, the climate or just because enough people cared to…

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Oasis of Calm

An oasis of calm and tranquility in the center of a bustling city. That is how a friend of mine describes the Center For Wooden Boats (CWB). I couldn’t agree more. It’s located about a mile from the main downtown retail core on the shore of Lake Union. Read More »

Seaplane View of Seattle

How do you get a seaplane view of Seattle?  Well there is the iconic Space Needle of course but there are two lesser known (at least among visitors) opportunities also. One is the Columbia Tower the other is the Smith Tower. I love sailboats and there is a huge difference between stepping on to a majestic old wooden  boat and a modern fiberglass one. I get the same shift of feeling whenever I step through the doors of the Smith Tower. Is it the abundance of gleaming copper and bronze, the warmth of ornate polished wood, the tons of marble, onyx and terracotta or the ghosts of the colorful characters that have been visitors over the years?


The building was inspired by Lyman C. Smith founder of the Smith Corona typewriter company. The grand lady was completed July 4th, 1914. His is a cool story. His office was in Syracuse, New York. In the late 1800’s, he heard that a west coast city called Seattle was growing rapidly. Lyman thought that if he were to build an 14 story office building amid the 4 story ones, he could sell a lot of typewriters. His son Burns said, “Dad, if we build a 42 story office building we’ll sell a whole lot more typewriters.” Lyman agreed and when the new building was completed they were able to lay claim to the tallest building west of the Mississippi and the fourth tallest in the world. The building has 2314 bronze encased windows that actually open and 1432 doors. It took 164 rail cars coming from Pittsburgh each hauling 28 tons of steel to complete it.


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Plié, Chassé, Jeté

                    Photos © Angela Sterling Pacific Northwest Ballet “The Nutcracker” 2016   “Plié, chassé, jeté…

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Coffee, Computers, Cowbells & More

If you think museums are just dusty birds and ancient history, think again. As a Seattle tour guide, people are always asking me what they should check out. At the top of my list:…

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