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Cherry Blossoms April 2017


Wherever you travel in Seattle in late March and early April you’re going to be see an abundance of cherry trees in blossom. They can’t help but lighten your mood and make you smile. Why do they do so well here?  Is it the soil, the climate or just because enough people cared to enrich the city with their beauty? It’s all of those things. I’m certain though that one of the best places to see them is the University of Washington campus. The campus is just four miles from the Pike Place Market and is easily gotten to using public transportation. Once on the campus, you need to go to Red Square which you can’t miss. You can find it from a distance by looking for the statue of George Washington. Once in Red Square, look in the direction George is and you’ll see the beautiful liberal arts library Suzzallo Hall. To find the cherry trees you’ll walk towards the library and then veer off to the left or north and you’ll see them. I was there the first week of April and they were just a little past full bloom but still breathtakingly beautiful.


I counted 26 trees. What a great place the students have to relax for a bit between classes and take in the beauty of mother nature.


The ground as you can see is carpeted with the beautiful blossoms and the air is oh so fragrant.


But hurry, they won’t last much longer especially with the high wind gusts we’ve had today.

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